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My name is Michael Barkley

As the sole proprietor, I pour my heart and soul into every microphone I create.

I have a deep love for performing trumpet and bass, as well as having a lifelong curiosity about electronics and the art of recording music. These passions intersected leading me to pursue a parallel career in microphone design, where I create high-quality products & seek to deliver a customer experience that I am proud to put my name to.


Being a Vennture Mouthpiece artist has helped me develop a deeper understanding of how technology meets the needs of performers, augmenting their craft through the thoughtful application of technology. I draw on this inspiration when I design microphones and accessories for my customers.

At Barkley Microphones, I'm delighted to offer my exceptional products to engineers, musicians, recording enthusiasts and artists alike. Each microphone is handcrafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that it captures the true essence of your performance.

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How we started


Having a fascination with recording technology for as long as I can recall, and a father who carefully explained and built electronic projects with me from a young age, I was well set to build myself guitars, preamps, then finally microphones.


Recording trumpets and guitars, as I was, benefitted greatly from the warm and detailed nature of the ribbon microphone, and so the wheels were set in motion.

Beginning to sell microphones was in submission to the pressure levied by my much better half, my fianceé, Meilana Gillard. A most tremendously gifted musician and composer, for whom I built a tube condenser and ribbon mic for her saxophone, woodwind and vocal needs. Upon their completion the ball started rolling.

Why Barkley?


As a one-person company I have the advantage of being able to offer a personal touch to my customers; I provide a level of customer service and a product that I am proud to put my name to. I genuinely enjoy meeting and helping new people on their recording journey, be that start, middle or beyond!

I offer unique finishes and custom build options to suit your needs on a case by case basis and will be glad to talk you through and offer solutions to your microphone and recording requirements.

I am proud to have some of the greatest musicians and engineers choosing to record on my microphones. I am equally humbled and inspired by this.

“Michael - I’m loving the Infinity Ribbon Mic I have from you - when I’m recording brass it serves as a great alternative to the two other ribbons I own - it has a presence that they do not. I especially love it when I’m recording woodwinds and strings at my studio…. Bravo to you and many thanks for making such a great and affordable ribbon mic.”

Chris Tedesco, LA

trumpeter, engineer, contractor

“Hey brother!!! I have great news for you!!! I'm recording trumpet today for my new album. We tried several microphones and yours is the undisputed winner above all!!!

Congratulations, you have a great product in your hands!!!”

Arturo Sandoval, LA

10 time grammy winning trumpeter

“I have been using this new Ribbon-Mic from Barkley Microphones. It's amazing. Every live sound engineer, since I've gotten it, has reported back: 'I plugged it in... and you blew a few notes, and it sounds so great, I didn't do anything.' Flat EQ, just set the volume... and boom. The sound in, is the sound out. Beautiful, accurate, sound on horns, that is warm sounding and zero tinkering.”

Adam Niewood, PA

saxophone, drums

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